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Container Storage is always a solution

Affordable and reliable
Container system

Container storage is the best option for an affordable storage solution that helps you keep valuables in a safe place without robbing your wallet dry. The container storage helps you save money instead of a warehouse storage. Easy Storage has created storage options for many new businesses and home owners by providing this storage option.

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Sizes and Types

Storage Containers are the most growth friendly as you can choose the size of the container as you like, starting from smaller containers and can move up in size if your needs have evolved and there is more to stow away.


Affordable storage units are not easy to find, no warehouse is flexible as it takes harder time to maintain a warehouse. Instead a container storage allows an economical way of storing items that either hold value and need to be stored, or items for businesses.

Easy access

Storage containers have a rather straightforward design and the access is much easier than your average, run-of-the-mill warehouse unit. The design allows for simplicity as well as steel security from the container structure. Easy Storage also keeps security on site to keep your valuables protected in UAE.

Fine maintenance

If you need a well-maintained area with storage containers, we have it. Our maintenance system is flawless and maintenance is always planned to create an easier experience for the clients.

"The container storage unit that I got was quite satisfactory, I liked the size and the security of the place, quite reliable."

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24/7 Access

Access your units and modify its content as often as you like, 24-Hours a day all year round, free of charge. We never close!

boxes and packing materials

Easy Storage provide you all packaging materials for your packing needs.That includes Packing paper ,Boxes, Rolls, Boards, Air Bubbles etc.

central dubai location

Our location is eassy to access from every where with in the whole Dubai due to multiple branches in Dubai and Sharjah.

climate control

To ensure the best conditions for your items, our units are fully airconditioned with state of the art temperature control systems

online cctv access

Our 24-CCTV recordings can be viewed live through a mobile app. Our units are also equipped with Dubai Civil Defense 24/7 fire alarm systems.

packing and moving

Easy Storage offers moving services for both personal households and businesses. We also provide packing materials for our customers

ultra modern facility

Easy storage provides the ultra modern facilities for our satisfied customers for both personal and according to your business needs.

pest free

We appreciate the trust you give us when you hand your items in our care therefore we take great measures in keeping units pest and dust free.


Easy storage offers best security for our storage services across the United Arab Emirates.

Integrates seamlessly

with our other services

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